Thursday, October 29, 2009

OpenMRS Developers Conference (Oct 2009)

OpenMRS Developers Conference in Latin America

The following document was used by the developers/trainers at the OpenMRS Developer's Conference in Lima, Peru. We kept track of the agenda and topics we discussed during the week in order to possible create a curriculum for future training sessions. I'd be glad to discuss this with anyone who is looking to create training manuals for both short and long-term training sessions on OpenMRS-related technologies.

This document is still pretty raw, but feel free to use bits and pieces if you find them useful.


emilstein said...

I am working on a project to implement OpenMRS in Nigeria. Do you have any useful, downloadable OpenMRS training manuals or step-by-step guids I could use?
Thank you,
Emily Milstein

Justin Miranda said...


send me an email to jmiranda at pih org and I'll try to point you in the right direction.


Ime Asangansi said...

Hi Emily, nice to know. We are implementing OpenMRS in Nigeria too. How is your deployment.
Cheers, Ime Asangansi