Friday, May 8, 2009

Update: OpenMRS Test-a-Thon (May 16 - 17)

What the heck is the OpenMRS Test-a-Thon?
The OpenMRS Test-a-Thon is a code-a-thon event that allows people to collaboratively increase and improve our testing process in order to make the OpenMRS platform a more stable and robust piece of software (click here for more details).

When is it going down?
We'll be starting at noon (EDT) on Saturday, May 16 and ending at noon (EDT) on Sunday, May 17. You can come and go as you wish. I'll be hanging out in our IRC Channel all day Saturday and will be taking in a feature film on Saturday night (9 - 11pm CDT). So no pressure. Come inside, submit yourself a junit test, and then go back out and finish your Saturday chores.

Where is the event going to take place?
The test-a-thon will take place online. You can join us on the OpenMRS IRC Channel. Contact me via Skype (jmiranda) or on the IRC channel to discuss how you might be able to help out.

Who can participate?
Anyone. Developers, implementers, supporters, documenters ... people who are bored.

Who should participate?

Why should you participate?
Because ...
  • You love OpenMRS.
  • You want to learn about test driven develement (TDD).
  • You want to learn about behavior driven development (BDD).
  • You want to learn about cool unit testing frameworks (i.e. JUnit).
  • You want to learn about cool web testing frameworks (Selenium).
  • You want to learn about continuous integration.
  • You want to write documentation for OpenMRS.
  • You want to meet the team.
  • You want to make Ben Wolfe happy.
  • You want to win a prize.
  • You have nothing better to do on a Saturday.
How can I participate in this once in a lifetime (more like bi-annual) event?
You can head over to the OpenMRS wiki for more details.

Thank you,

The OpenMRS Team

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Ben Wolfe said...

True statement. It would make me very happy.